Ronald B Stamets, Web Developer

How To Register Your Domain Name

Domain Registration

  1. Go To My Registrar and create an account. You will need an account to register your domain name.
    • Click on Create Account (To the right of the logIn Button.
    • Enter a valid email
    • Enter A Username
    • Enter A Good Password
    • (At least 8 characters with Capital Letters, Lower Case Letters and Numbers)
    • Enter a Support Pin (This is needed when you talk with a support representative)
  2. Now Log In to your account. You will see product uptions.
    • Click on DOMAINS or Search for Domains
    • Try to create a domain name that represents your business or organization. Your domain name is the top level that search engines key on.
    • Try also to limit your domain name to a .com, a .org, or a .net These are the most often recognized by potential visitors.
    • Now skip all the extras and go to checkout. You can add bells and whistles later if you so desire.
  3. That's It! You now have a registered domain that YOU own and control.

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